Our Team

Dedicated to their craft

Scheduled (Tue thru Sat)

A Jack (or Jill) of All Cuts -  8+ years of combined barbering and cosmetology experience, Lea has been perfecting her cuts and honing her skills at high ends shops in the greater Seattle area before returning to her roots in Kitsap to be closer with family.   Just like her array of hobbies and crafts, there is not a cut, length or texture she cannot tackle and tame.  Lea has worked in well known community oriented shops like the venerable Rudy's, and the high-end Rooster's chain, and now she brings her own cool vibe to add to the Winslow Barber Co team.  She loves getting to know the neighborhood and the people that make a community.  Lea looks forward to this new chapter of her craft and sharing her talents with the Island.

Scheduled (Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat)

Your Saturday Sunshine -  4+ years of combined barbering and cosmetology experience.  Ariel is a native to the Pacific Northwest, and has spent time in Seattle and Arizona learning all the latest men's styles working in some of the top barbershops of the area. After breaking in her clippers working for the Nordstroms owned Weldon chain in Seattle, Ariel was inspired to venture to Arizona to further her skills at the highly popular Floyd's 99 Barbershops. After relocating back to the Pacific Northwest, Ariel is looking to slowly establish herself on the Island.   Ariel's greatest joy in barbering is being able to sculpt an empty canvas into something a client can wear with confidence. 

Scheduled (Thurs, Every Other Sat)

The Barber's Barber - 21+ years of barbering experience plus 5 years of cosmetology experience - Comes from a family of barbers/stylist (six in total), one of the founding barbers of Silver City Barber Shop. Vickie felt it was time to stop admiring the Winslow area from a far and  finally come join the vibrant downtown community.  Vickie specializes in modern and classic men's cuts, and traditional hot towel straight razor shaves.  If Vickie were to ever stop cutting hair, she would be earning a Michelin Star for her Asian Cuisine.

Scheduled (Tues and Thurs)

Your New Barber Bestie - 16+ years of combined barbering and cosmetology experience - a pillar and top performer of Kitsap's 2021 "Best of the Best" Barber Shop, Silver City Barber Shop. Callie's top notch cutting skills and friendly personality makes her an instant fan favorite.  Callie specializes in both modern and classic men's cuts.

Scheduled (Tues thru Sat)

The Rising Star - 5+ years of barbering plus 5 years of past cosmetology experience - Gene Juarez "Classically Trained" - Found her niche 4 years ago performing mainly men's cuts & styling, and has no regrets leaving the salon world. Becca specializes in personally tailoring the haircut to you based on hair patterns, face shape, daily activities with every consultation.  

Scheduled (Most Fridays)

Country Comfort - 6+ years of cosmetology experience. Born and raised in the PNW. Tina left high end salon chairs in Gig Harbor for a cool barber chairs in the best shop in Kitsap County to pursue her passion for classic men's cuts & hair designs. Tina's number one mission is to ensure her client comes & leaves happy. Her personable hospitality is what makes her clients keep coming back! Tina enjoys spending time with family, rocking out to country music & PNW camping. 

Scheduled (Every other Sat)

South Cali Vibe - 12+ years of cosmetology experience and recently back to the PNW from LA.  Ashley knows how to make each client feel at ease from her experience working in high end shops from Ventura to Hollywood.  Ashley brings a great mix of grooming/styling experience for both men and women.  Ashley plans to support Winslow Barber Co on a every other week basis, trading in that California vibe for our Island vibe.  In her downtime, Ashley enjoys dancing, traveling, and spending quality time with family. 

Scheduled (To be announced)

New Beginnings - A fresh graduate of Cosmetology, yet plenty of skill and experience in men's and women's cuts.  Aeryn is truly a gem that will charm you and give you that a great cut.  Although Aeryn is just starting her career, she gives off a cool vibe and shows professionalism beyond her years.